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Trending Ingredients Application in Cosmetic Formulation

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Update time : 2023-09-20 14:28:07
After-sun Instant Soothing Ice Mask
Phase Ingredient INCI-Name ω/% Supplier
A Deionized water Water 79.92
ZLEY®BIOCARE-CPH Chlorphenesin 0.15 ZLEY
941 Carbomer 0.08
940 Carbomer 0.35
B GLYCERIN Glycerin 5.00
BUTYLENE GLYCOL Butylene Glycol 2.00
HA Sodium Hyaluronate 0.05
ZLEY®MAG Menthone glycerin acetal 0.25 ZLEY
C Arginine Arginine 0.40
Deionized water Water 5.00
D ZLEY®BIOCARE-ZHD 1,2-Hexanediol 0.60 ZLEY
ZLEY®Kaenda Kava(Piper methysticum) root extract 2.00 ZLEY
ZLEY®Pheacne Stephania Tetranda Root Extract 2.00 ZLEY
ZLEY®PE501 Chinese Gentian Root Extract 2.00 ZLEY
0.5%Blue 1 Pigment 0.20

  1. Premix phase B evenly under stirring;
  2. Premix phase C evenly under stirring;

Manufacturing process:
  1. Mix phase A, heat to 80℃ under stirring, and homogenized rapidly for 5min to even, then keep warm for 20min;
  2. Add phase B at 60℃, homogenize rapidly for 5 min, stir under a medium speed until it turns to even;
  3. Add phase D and phase C in given order at 50℃, and stir well;
  4. Pour into suitable containers at 45℃;

Stability test:

Microbiological safety:
Challenge test passed