Zley® o-CYMEN-5-OL CAS: 39660-61-2

INCI: O-Cymene-5-alcohol
CAS: 39660-61-2/3228-02-2
Main components: O-Cymene-5-alcohol
Recommended usage amount: 0.03%-1.0%
Product Introduction
O-Cymene-5-alcohol is a very safe, broad-spectrum and high-efficiency bactericide that can contact mucous membranes, which has been proven to have excellent effects in all kinds of skin care and can inhibit product oxidation. It is compatible with compound plant anti-sensitizers, which has high antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and can quickly relieve inflammation and redness, and has the effect of preventing acne and preventing the deterioration of acne. It can quickly penetrate into the skin and work from the inside of the skin to prevent the occurrence of acne, strengthen the skin's prevention ability, focus on diminishing acne marks, and make the skin healthy and shiny.
Technique Data
Test Item Technique Data
Appearance  white needle-like crystals
Melting point (℃) 110.0~  113.0C
PH 6.5-7.0
Ignition residue(%) ≤0.1%
Heavy metal(PPM) ≤10PPM
Arsenic(PPM) ≤2PPM
content(HPLC,% ≥99.0%
Product Purpose:
It is widely used in antibacterial and anti-mite products such as cosmetics and medical pharmaceuticals.
Packaging and Storage
● Packaging: Aluminum film bag (lined with polyethylene plastic bag); 1kg/bag.
● Storage: Please store in a cool and dry place, and the shelf life is 3 years.
Disposal Considerations
Although this product has almost no pollution to the environment, it is best not to throw it away with household garbage. To discard the product and container, please contact the local environmental protection department and dispose of it in accordance with general chemical disposal methods. Do not pour large quantities of product into the groundwater system.
Transport Information
Before transportation, check whether the packaging container is complete and sealed. During transportation, it is isolated from the power source and fire source. This product is not classified as dangerous goods or mixtures, and can be transported as general cargo.