Zley® Capryloyl Glycine CAS: 14246-53-8

Item No.: 14246-53-8
INCI: Capryloyl Glycine
Main component: Capryloyl Glycine
Product Description
Capryloyl glycine is a very good cosmetic efficacy ingredient. It can be used as humectant, detergent and surfactant in cosmetics, with good affinity with skin and high-efficiency. It can also deliver other components efficiently, thus improving the use effect of other efficacy products.

Technical Indicators
Inspection items Technical index
Appearance White or quasi-white crystalline powder
Water content (%) ≤1
Content (HPLC, %) ≥99
Total impurities (%) ≤0.1
Burning residue (%) ≤0.5

Capryloyl Glycine Usage
It is mainly used to prepare cream and emulsion products for anti-acne, anti-aging and advanced skin care products. 

Packaging and Storage
Packaging: aluminum film bag (lined with polyethylene plastic bag); 1kg/bag. 
Storage: Please store it in a cool and dry place and the shelf life is 3 years. 

Although this product has almost no pollution to the environment, it is best not to discard it together with domestic garbage. Please contact the local environmental protection department for dealing with the product and container and dispose according to the common chemical treatment method. Do not pour large quantities of products into the groundwater system. 

Transport Conditions
Check whether the packaging container is complete and sealed, and keep it away from power supply, fire source and other parts during transportation. This product does not belong to hazardous goods or mixtures and can be transported according as general cargo.